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͏Internet is an experience that happens within you.

my name is Eugenio ☼

I'm a Web3 Researcher at Curve Labs

I strongly support the ReFI space, co-organized, exploring DAO governance of IRL communities at Lani, Traditional Dream Factory,, and Welo.

I maintain the engineering behind The Consilience Project, which publishes novel research at the leading edges of global risk mitigation, governance design, and culture, exploring the key challenges and existential threats facing humanity, and the underlying problems with current approaches for addressing them.

In the last 7 years have been a strategic product advisor to Fortune 500s, SMBs, startups, networks, think tanks, cultural NGOs, and developmental organizations like the UNDP, both in the public and private sector.

I intervene on C-level and product teams as a trainer, facilitator, and researcher focused on systems design, operations, and ecosystem-platform strategies.  

I work closely with a trusted network of top-tier freelance software developers, designers, and domain experts, to bring clarity and pace to complex projects. With powerful methodologies and scalable approaches to collaborative strategy making, we deliver value at the intersection of tech and business domains.

I co-founded and significantly contributed to creating, developing and disseminating the Platform Design Toolkit (PDT), the EEEO Toolkit (based on Haier’s Rendanheyi), and the set of training and consulting products around them.

With a lean, evolutionary approach I foster the creation of multi-sided business models and adaptive organizational strategies to harness the value of open ecosystems.

I co-founded a research center in Berlin for urban regeneration ventures and transgenerational healing practices working with lightweight technology and the hands and imagination of kids and pioneers on the placemaking intersection between self, community, landscape.

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